Learn more about the most often-used pre-need funding company in America.

Since 1906, Homesteaders has been trusted to make the right decisions about funeral funding products – decisions that are good for our policy owners and funeral professionals. We take very seriously the promises we make to our customers, and our annual report tells the story of how we ensure we are well positioned to honor those promises today, tomorrow and into the future.

2017 Homesteaders Annual Report

In this report, we'll share with you:

  • Updates on the company's operations and sales and marketing support
  • Insights from the Board of Directors
  • Year-end performance at a glance
  • Our vision for long-term success
  • Initiatives to support the funeral profession

As we reflect on our recent achievements, we remain focused on our core mission to support the success of our funeral home customers and to promote the value of funeral service. We’re grateful for the thousands of funeral professionals who have chosen to work with us to offer this valuable service to their client families.

*According to 2017 independent brand tracking study commissioned by Homesteaders and performed by McGuire Research

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