Learn how social media can help grow your funeral home business.

Social media is a game-changer for funeral service. It can help your funeral home become (and remain) relevant to the people you wish to serve by providing them with the information they want and need. It also offers your customers new ways to communicate with you in the manner and at the time that's most convenient for them.

social-media-quick-tipsSo how can a busy funeral professional like you navigate the many social media platform choices to determine what's right for your firm? And once you've selected those platforms, how should you manage those pages to help serve your customers and keep your firm top of mind?

We've created a simple social media tip sheet to help you learn more about the key social media tools and how you can use them effectively. You'll get information about:

  • The benefits of each of the six most popular social sites.
  • What type of information to post on social media.
  • The best times to publish new social media posts.

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